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Thank you for considering Air Conditioning Burbank for your home comfort needs. We take pride in doing great job and delivering real quality for your dollars. Our excellent trained staff holds certificates in a wide range field of service. We approach each work as a problem to be solved. We realize that every house and office space is unique, and we have experience installing and maintaining a wide range of heating and cooling products.

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"When it comes to service we are this company if foremost in the industry."

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"Whenever I have AC issues or need maintenance I always call them. They're always able to come out quickly even on the weekends at no additional cost. They're professional, honest, and affordable with all repairs!"
Mr A. Owen
"You have installed and services both of our AC units & Heaters. We have recommended you to our neighbors."
Ms D. Morali
"It is great to know I finally found a heating contractor that really knows boilers."
Mr R. Janson

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Residential Air Conditioning Services Burbank

We specializes in provision of comprehensive residential air conditioning maintenance services 24 hours a day,7 days a week. If you’re having any issues associated with air conditioning or refrigeration systems, you shouldn’t delay contacting Air Conditioning Burbank and get quick and quality services.

Whether you’re an owner of a house, condominium, any larger premises, replacement, or new building, Air Conditioning Burbank is always there and will respond to your calling on Installing, Repairing, Replacing, or any other air conditioning maintenance needs.

Our Air conditioners serving Burbank Area are experienced and skilled to provide air conditioning repair and air conditioning maintenance services for all sorts of residential premises, involving one-level homes, condominiums, multiple-leveled houses, housing estates, etc. We’re always prepared to provide adequate solutions to all possible types of problems related to air conditioning maintenance.

High quality
Our aim is to offer you the highest quality products at a price we hope you cannot beat. You will find cheaper products on the internet and eBay but they may not be of the same quality or they may be obsolete equipment. So please be aware of units being sold with the refrigerant R32, these have been phased out, but these type of units can still be purchased over the internet so please be aware.


The best equipment
We are able to offer you the customer, an air conditioning system from a wide range of manufacturers to suit your needs.
We supply a wide range of equipment in order to accommodate all the different applications our customers require.

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